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New Westminster Bad Credit Car Loans For You!

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    Here is a list of some people’s credit issues we were able to overcome and help get a vehicle in the Lower Mainland:

    “Phone bill got so messed up I eventually stopped paying, it’s still showing up on my credit profile.”
    “I went through a messy divorce and my credit got really messed up”
    “I had a bunch of unpaid collections that I never took care of”
    “I had to declare Bankruptcy a while back, never really knew where to start rebuilding my credit”
    “I never really had credit before… Was my first time looking for a loan”
    If one of these situations sound similar to where you and your credit is at, then you can feel good know you are not alone. Bad Credit is very common.

    Canada Drives is tired of Banks and Dealerships making people with less than perfect credit feel like second class citizens. If you are working then we are going to work with you to get you into that next Car, Truck, SUV or Minivan.

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