We Believe Building Your Credit History Can Be Easy

Our mission is to allow every Canadian the ability to affordably build their credit.

We are bringing a new generation of credit to Canada that is fair, simple and allows all people to improve their financial and credit situation.

We help Canadians

Spring Financial is a subsidiary of Canada Drives, one of the leading brands for auto financing in Canada. We started Spring because we were frustrated that many Canadians were being declined for credit or were paying unreasonably high interest rates on their loans with no opportunity to improve their situation. With Spring we’re providing the best and most accessible solution for Canadians to raise their credit scores.

How It Works

We approve you for a loan, but instead of the funds going directly to you they are held in a secure trust account. As you pay off the loan with small bi-weekly payments we send positive reports to the credit bureau which in turn helps improve your credit standing and build a positive payment history.

Once you have paid off the loan the funds are released from the trust account and deposited right into your bank account. So you end up saving money and building credit at the same time.

Start Building Your Credit Today