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We’re building financial products guaranteed to help you succeed.

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At Spring Financial, our mission is to give any Canadian access to fair priced financial products. We’ve built innovative products that allow anybody to get started (or re-started) on their credit journey regardless of their financial past. All our products are designed to help any Canadian access the credit they need and save money all over their mobile phone without leaving their home.

Our products are designed to help build credit, increase savings, and improve your financial situation.

Why we do it.

The current financial industry leaves millions of Canadians without any access to the financing they need or stuck paying extremely high rates on quick cash loans. This has resulted in a never-ending cycle of high-interest debt and no savings. At Spring Financial, we believe we can change the financial future for millions of Canadians by providing products that help anyone get out of this cycle.

Millions of Canadians are stuck in the endless cycle of high-interest quick cash loans. We’re providing a way out.

How we do it.

It all starts with The Foundation , our signature savings and credit building product that anyone can access. With The Foundation, we help every customer establish a positive payment history and savings balance. Once completing The Foundation, we guarantee access to an upfront cash Evergreen Loan.

The Foundation offers credit building on auto pilot with a built-in savings component.
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