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The Best Ways to Send Money from Canada to the US

Written by Jessica Steer
For many people, figuring out how to send money to different countries can be quite overwhelming, but it is not as difficult as it seems. There are a lot of people that need to send money abroad for many different reasons and, because of that, there are multiple different ways to go about it.
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    In Canada we regularly use e-transfer. Americans tend to be more inclined to use other platforms like Venmo. Can we use those apps as Canadians? Can we E-transfer to Americans? Well, let’s find out.

    How do you send money from Canada to the US?

    There are multiple ways to send money from Canada to the United States. Some ways are cheap, and others are quite expensive. There are multiple online international money transfer services, or you could use PayPal, or a bank or a wire transfer. Any of these ways make it possible to send money to the states.

    How do you transfer money to the US using PayPal?

    To send money using PayPal is actually quite simple. As long as both you and the person you’re sending money to have a PayPal account, that is.

    • First, you log in to your PayPal account.
    • Once you have done that you click the “send and request” button.
    • Then you enter the recipient’s email address, PayPal username, or cellphone number.
    • You then have the option to select the “sending to a friend” option and enter how much you would like to send in USD.
    • To finalize, you select “Send Money Now” and your transfer will be sent.

    The awesome thing about PayPal is you can either send money that is in your PayPal wallet or use a credit card. However, if you use your PayPal wallet you have to pay PayPal’s exchange rates whereas with a credit card you have the option to use PayPal’s exchange rates or the rates from your credit card company.

    Is PayPal expensive to use?

    In order to transfer money to a different country, there is a currency conversion fee as well as an exchange rate. PayPal’s exchange rate is higher than that of the actual currency exchange rate. It is roughly 4% higher. The currency conversion fee is $2.99 Canadian if you transfer via PayPal or through your bank account. The conversion fee is $2.99 Canadian plus 2.9% if you transfer using a debit card or a credit card. For Example, He is what it would look like to send $2500 Canadian to the US.

    Sent (CAD) Exchange (CAD) Transfer Fee Total Cost (%) USD
    $2500 $18.05 $2.99 3.7% $1,884

    Due to these fees, PayPal is actually one of the most expensive ways to send money to the United States. However, it is also one of the most convenient.

    How to send money to the US through your bank

    Since most people have become accustomed to banking either online or through mobile banks, the banks are making it easier to be more self-sufficient online. One of the ways that they are doing this is by making it easier to send money to different countries like the US. Many offer Global or International money transfers. Whether you bank with a local bank, a credit union, or a major bank, they should have a process to help you send money Internationally. Let’s go over how you can send money internationally with some of the largest Canadian banks.


    The Royal Bank of Canada has a process for sending money to the US that is actually quite simple to use. Once you have logged in you just go into “pay bills and transfer funds”, select “Add International Recipient” and add the person you wish to send money to.

    This way of sending money is also quite simple and efficient. RBC only charges a flat rate fee of $13.50 Canadian per transfer and allows for transfers up to $2,500 per day. Not only do they allow you to send money to the US, but 120 different countries altogether.


    Scotiabank also offers international bank transfers however they are slightly different than those done by RBC. You can add the recipient’s information right in the mobile app by selecting “make a transfer” and then selecting “send money internationally”.

    Once you have done this then you can select the contact you wish to send the money to or add a new one by entering their name, address, and bank account details. With this process, it can take up to 5 business days for the person to receive the money in their account. However, the fee for this transaction is $1.99 and the only requirement for the amount sent is it has to be at least $100 Canadian.

    It is important to always double-check the contact information that you enter before sending the transfer. Once the money has been sent, the transfer can’t be changed or canceled.


    CIBC offers global money transfers. You can send money to over 120 different countries including the US. The money can come from either your CIBC bank account, CIBC credit card, or CIBC line of credit. You can transfer up to $30,000 or as little as $100 per day.

    CIBC offers competitive exchange rates and there is no fee for the actual transfer. Another bonus is that the money will arrive to the recipient in as little as one business day.

    Honestly, this feature is super simple to use. All you do is log in to your account and select “Global Money Transfer” in the menu. Then you just enter the information of the person you’re sending money to, including their banking information. Once they have been added, input the amount you wish to send as well as the account you’re sending the money from and hit submit.

    CIBC also allows you to earn rewards when using your credit card to send money globally. They even offer a $50 referral credit if you refer someone to use their global transfer option and they send a transfer.

    TD Canada Trust

    Just like CIBC, TD Canada Trust offers global transfers. There are a few easy steps required in order to send money this way.

    1. The first thing required is to have a TD account.
    2. Next you need to register for global transfer either using Easy Web or the mobile app.
    3. You need the recipient’s US bank account number (or whichever country), bank number, branch ID, Tax ID and Currency.
    4. Once you have selected the country and the amount, you will be given an estimate of the cost of the transfer.

    When you’re sending money through TD’s global transfer you can either use your chequing account, savings account, or line of credit. When it comes to transferring limits, it varies depending on the account you use and whether it is a daily limit, weekly limit, or monthly limit. You can check these limits on your mobile banking or online account.


    The Bank of Montreal offers global transfers to 50 different countries, including the US. The process itself is just as straightforward as the rest of the banks we discussed. Once you log in, you select “Global Transfer” and then add the recipient’s information. Enter the amount you wish to send then complete the transfer.

    For the recipient’s information, you’re going to need their first and last name, bank code, and bank account number. Unless you have one of the plans listed below, it is a $5 USD charge per transfer.

    • Premium Plan
    • Platinum Plan
    • Performance Plan under the NewStart Program
    • Bank at Work

    With BMO, you can either send money from your chequing or your savings account and the minimum transfer amount is $100 CAD. The maximum amount is based on your bank account limit.

    It is important to remember that once the transaction is completed that you’re unable to cancel it. If for some reason the transfer is rejected, then the money will be returned to your account.

    Are you able to Interac e-transfer to the US?

    In short, the answer is no. If you want to send money to someone in the US you would have to use a global or international transfer through your bank. Interac e-transfers are only available from one Canadian bank account to another. While it would be convenient to do so, there are other transfer apps that allow you to transfer funds to the US, just as easily.

    How to transfer money to the US with Western Union

    Another option that is available to send money to the US is Western Union. You’re able to go to a western union branch in person, send the money online or use their app.

    Western Union is one of the first ways Canadians were able to send money to different countries. They were established in 1851.

    When you send money online it is relatively easy. Once you have logged in or opened your free account, you enter the destination of the money you’re sending. This can either be the recipient’s bank account, their mobile western union wallet, or an agent location. You can either send money with your bank account or your credit card and once you have confirmed the transfer you’re able to track it. This process is almost identical with the app.

    When it comes to the cost of sending money using Western Union, the fee depends on the amount you’re transferring. Here are a few examples of some current rates.

    Amount Fee
    $1,500 $35.00
    $250 $7.50
    $100 $6.00

    There is also a conversion rate but that depends on the current dollar value and is constantly changing.

    One of the great features about Western Union’s website is that you can enter the amount you’re sending and to which country. This will allow the system to give you an accurate estimate on the conversion rate as well as the transfer fee. Sometimes, depending on when you choose to transfer, there’s no transfer fee and this ends up being the cheapest way to send funds to the US.

    What money transfer apps will send money to the US from Canada?

    Lastly, the final way to transfer money to the US is through a money transfer app. There are multiple apps to choose from all with different rates. Let’s go over a few of them.


    The first transfer app we will go over is Wise, formerly known as TransferWise. This is one of the top-rated transfer apps and offers some of the lowest transfer fees. That being said, just like any service, there are positives and negatives to using Wise.

    Pros Cons
    Consistently cheaper than other services No cash pick-up is available
    No exchange rate margins, fees are low and transparent Some locations take anywhere from 2-3 business days
    Easily navigated mobile app Not always cheap outside of North America and Europe
    A lot of pay-in choices

    While it can be unnerving to send money through an online company like this, Wise is legitimate and registered with the FCA (Financial Conduct Authority). It is also registered with the Financial Intelligence Unit (AUSTRAC) in the US as a money remitter. It is also authorized by the FinCEN (Financial Crimes Enforcement Network). Lastly, they are registered as money transmitters in each individual state they operate in.

    One final fact to note is that Wise delivers the payments very fast. The money you send arrives within one business day, sometimes instantly.


    Next up we have Skrill. Skrill is also a great option for a money transfer service. It ranks a close second to Wise for multiple reasons.

    Pros Cons
    Fees and exchange rates are competitive Can only be sent to bank account or mobile wallet
    Secure and fast transfers Nontransparent exchange rate margin
    Great customer reviews Currencies available varies by the country you’re sending the money from
    Supports many currencies and countries
    Transfers available with debit or credit

    Just like Wise, Skrill is very simple to use and their mobile wallet is accessible to use from 40 different t countries. It is also a great option if you’re looking into using an online transfer app.

    XE Money Transfer

    This service is mostly recommended for large transfers abroad, not necessarily to the US. This service is more on the complicated scale to use but it is still a very secure service among other things.

    Pros Cons
    Supports 130 countries and 100 currencies Semi-competitive exchange rates
    Supported by Euronet Worldwide Can only send or receive via bank transfers and deposits
    Most transfers are done in one business day Nontransparent exchange rate margins with fees hidden inside
    Has great Reviews

    Overall, this is still a very secure service and a great choice. It just tends to be slightly costly for smaller transfers.


    WorldRemit is also a trusted and secure money-sending option. Overall, they have great reviews and are a popular choice to send money to the US. It could improve in a few areas, but overall it is still a great choice.

    Pros Cons
    Global network with cash pickup locations Can be more expensive to use
    Multiple ways to send and receive money There are hidden fees and the exchange rates aren’t transparent
    Simple and great reviews
    Great customer support

    WorldRemit is also a legitimate certified company just like the rest of them. They operate and are regulated in the US, Canada, and Australia. They are considered to be one of the most secure remittance services available and are based out of London in the United Kingdom.


    Paysend is a relatively easy service to use for sending money to the states with your debit or credit card. There are some flaws but overall, it is a really good option.

    Pros Cons
    Low fees and exchange rates 77% on their fees hidden in margins
    Specialize in international card payments Bank transfers are not supported
    110 countries are available to receive funds Can only send it from your country of residence.

    Paysend is also a legitimate company that takes sending your money very seriously. They store their client’s money separately from their funds in order to ensure it's safe.


    This is a money sending service that doesn’t come highly recommended. While it does have its issues it does have a great customer support team and is trustworthy while providing good service. The main reason it isn’t highly recommended is because they only support bank deposits and mobile wallet payment and receiving methods. They also have extremely high fees and exchange rates compared to other companies.

    Xendpay does not support all local currencies, and, for this reason, some payments may be required to be in USD or Euros depending on the country. This can make sending in some currencies difficult which may deter you from using it. However, you’re able to check before you send the money.


    MoneyGram is the second largest transfer company in the world. They are super easy to use and offer over 50 currencies in over 200 countries. They have long service history and offer a lot of pay-in options such as:

    • Cash
    • Credit Card
    • Bank Transfer

    On the other hand, their displayed exchange rates are often different from those that need to be paid. Most of their fees are hidden and the maximum transfer limits are quite low. They often have much higher prices than other companies which can be a deterrent for some people.


    Instarem is another highly recommended service. They have cheaper rates, easy to use, and send transfers quickly. They have great customer reviews and ratings and are becoming increasingly popular. However, their customer service does tend to be hard to reach and they have a slow registration process.

    Specifically, for transferring from Canada to the US, it is one of the most highly rated services. They launched in 2015 and have grown rapidly since then. They are licensed in multiple countries and have won a few awards.

    Halo Financial

    Different from the companies above, Halo Financial is a foreign exchange company that is based out of the United Kingdom. They were founded in 2004 and currently exchange between 35 countries. Their minimum is 2000 pounds, so they are used for high-value transfers.

    They have great customer service, are relatively cheap for high-value transactions, and have a great history behind them. The biggest issue is that all accounts are held in the United Kingdom and their services are only available in English. Any transaction of about 5000 pounds, however, has no fee charged and all other transactions are at a fee of 15 pounds.

    This company comes highly recommended but may not be the best option for sending money to the US since they are based in the UK.


    OFX is also one of the world’s largest foreign exchange companies. It started in 1998 and now deals with 197 countries and 55 currencies. They are based out of Sydney, Australia but also have offices in Canada, the US, and a few other countries. They are available over the phone 24/7 which is a plus, they are known for their customer service and have tons of experience. Not only that, because they have been around so long, they are able to be relatively cheap but still deliver the money quite quickly.

    For smaller amounts though, OFX, can be slightly more expensive than some of the smaller companies. They also only offer their services in English.

    What is the cheapest way to send money to the US?

    Honestly, it really depends on how much you intend to send, but most of the time it is cheapest to send money through your bank. Most banks have relatively low flat rates. However, for the banks that are more expensive, sometimes the apps can be cheaper.

    Overall. Scotiabank tends to be the cheapest way to send money. The only downside however is that they do take up to 5 business days to send the money instead of just one business day.

    Unfortunately, these transfers are never free. The closest to free would be to have global money transfers included in your banking plan, so there are no extra charges to be concerned about, just the exchange rate.

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