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Birthday Freebies in Canada

Written by Jessica Steer
Like clockwork, our birthdays come around every year, but did you know that many companies will give you free stuff or coupons just for this reason. Whether it’s a free coffee, dessert or a free item, it's an awesome perk to a day that comes around every year. Depending on what company you are getting the perk from, you may be able to get the freebie during the week of your birthday, instead of just the exact day.
Table of Contents

    Things you can get for Free on your Birthday

    The most common places to get freebies on your birthday are at restaurants. There are also some companies with rewards programs and fast food chains that offer birthday rewards. It can be anything from a free item, meal or drink that is usually offered on your birthday week. Many restaurants have a specialty dessert or drink that is meant specifically for birthdays and you don’t need any sort of rewards card to receive it. Places like Starbucks will require you to have a rewards membership in order to receive the birthday freebie. The good thing, though, is that these reward programs are free.

    Places that Offer Birthday Freebies

    Believe it or not, there is a large list of places that offer birthday freebies in Canada. Some of these places are one you wouldn’t even expect.


    In Canada, Denny’s offers a free Build Your Own Grand Slam on your actual birthday in most of its locations. The only exceptions are the Niagara Falls and Nepean locations. ID is required to take advantage of this offer.

    Red Robin

    If you live in British Columbia or Alberta, Red Robin offers a free gourmet burger on your birthday. Unlike other restaurants, this offer isn’t only available on your actual birthday. It’s available on any day of your birthday month. However, in order to be eligible for this offer, you need to be part of the Red Robin Royalty program.


    At Starbucks, if you are signed up for the Starbucks rewards program. You are eligible for a free drink or breakfast sandwich on your birthday. It is usually available on your birthday, but you will be able to check by logging in online or using the app. In order to qualify you must have a Starbucks gift card and have signed up for the app at least 7 days before your birthday.

    Tim Hortons

    If you are a coffee or breakfast lover, another great freebie is Tim Hortons. If you are signed up for Tims Rewards and have the app, you are offered a free birthday drink or breakfast sandwich on your birthday. This offer can be claimed directly from the app.

    Cobs Bread

    Another awesome freebie is a birthday cinnamon bun from Cobs Bread. In order to qualify, you must be signed up for the Cob’s e-newsletter and have done so at least 7 days before your birthday. You also must have made a purchase at Cobs Bread within the last year. The offer is available for up to 14 days after your birthday.

    Boston Pizza

    Did you know that Boston Pizza has a loyalty program? The My BP Loyalty program allows you to get a free dessert on your birthday, no purchase required. It is usually sent out about a week before your birthday and is valid for 2 weeks.

    David’s Tea

    If you are a big David’s Tea fan, then you are likely registered for the Frequent Steepers Club. While David’s Tea used to offer a free cup of tea on your birthday, they now offer you 5 points. While it isn’t much, it will still get you a bit closer to some free stuff.


    If you live in Ontario, British Columbia, or Alberta, then there are some perks you could get on your birthday from IHOP. All you have to do to be eligible is join the Pancake Revolution e-Club and you can get some free pancakes on your birthday.


    If you are a Lancome lover, then you will love this next offer. Join the Lancome Rewards Program and receive a free birthday gift as well as a 15% discount on your order.


    Unlike Denny’s, Cora doesn’t offer a free breakfast, but they do offer a $5 voucher on your birthday. This is valid in all Cora restaurants, there are no exclusions.

    Buffalo Wild Wings

    In order to receive a free plate of wings at any point during your birthday month, all you need to do is join the Blazin' Rewards program. You don’t even need to pre-book to get the offer and it is available at all locations.


    Being a Sephora Beauty Insider has some awesome perks, one of those being a free gift on your birthday. Just like most other rewards programs, this is only one of the many perks and it is free to join.


    Another fast food chain that offers a birthday gift is Harvey’s. Signing up for the Burger Boss Rewards Program, not only gets you free Frings, but you can also get a bonus birthday item which is usually a free burger that comes with specialty discount codes.

    Dairy Queen

    Did you know that Dairy Queen offers a rewards program, just like many other fast food chains. Sign up for their Blizzard Fan Club and get a welcome coupon. On top of that, you will receive a buy one get one free coupon on your birthday.

    Marble Slab

    Instead of a coupon or other offers, Marble Slab will give you a free scoop on your birthday. You must sign up for their newsletter to get the free ice cream.

    Thrifty Foods

    In British Columbia, Thrifty Foods offers a free birthday cake on your child’s first birthday. A birth certificate is required at pickup. It is also required to order the cake at least 24 hours before you intend to pick it up. The cake is 8” by 12” and can be ordered in store or over the phone. This offer may come as a surprise to you, but it is also an amazing way to help celebrate their special day.


    If you are a fan of Applebee's, then it is likely you would take advantage of their special birthday offer. While they don’t have a specific birthday gift that they advertise, you do receive an email about what you will receive. All you have to do is be registered for Applebee's email club.

    Mandarin Chinese Buffet

    In Ontario, the Mandarin Chinese Buffet offers an exclusive e-coupon for a Chinese buffet. The only requirements are that you have to be registered for the Mandarin Dish newsletter at least one day before your birthday and be with at least 3 other paying adults to claim it.


    Another offer that is exclusive to Ontario is Wacky’s. Just for signing up to be a Wacky’s VIP you get a free appetizer. On top of that you will get a $10 play card for your birthday as well as the opportunity to win free wings for a year. It costs nothing to sign up and who doesn’t like a free appetizer!

    South St. Burger

    If you live in British Columbia, Ontario or Alberta, it is likely that you have been to or have heard of South St. Burger. Like most chains, South St. Burger has a free rewards program. Theirs is called the Birthday Club. Join the Birthday Club and you will receive all special offers and deals, as well as a buy one get one free burger coupon on your birthday as long as you are registered at least one day before.

    Lone Star Texas Grill

    In Ontario, the Lone Star Texas Grill also offers some perks. As long as you are registered for their program called The Sizzle, you will receive newsletters, special offers and discounts directly to your inbox. As long as you are registered for The Sizzle and have spent at least $30, then you are eligible for a free birthday dessert!

    London Drugs

    As a member of LD extras, in most locations in BC, Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba, you will receive a $5 coupon on your birthday. If you save this up along with the rewards you receive on your purchases, then you can pick what you would like to purchase with these rewards. It is free to sign up and makes sense if you intend to shop there anyways.

    Baskin Robbins

    This is another ice cream chain offering a sweet treat for your birthday. Sign up for the Club 31 program and get a free scoop of ice cream on your birthday. In order to receive it though, you must either purchase a 3oz cone or 2.5oz scoop. You also have the option of $5 off if you want to purchase a cake instead.

    The Body Shop

    If you shop at the body shop, registering for their Love your Body Club allows you some amazing offers. One of those is to win something on your birthday. What you win is different for everyone but is usually a $10 coupon. It can also be a free item though. You are eligible to log in and find out what you win anytime during your birthday month. Whether you choose to use the perk for yourself or as a gift for someone else, sign up for the free rewards programs to see what you can win.


    Menchie’s also has a rewards program called the My Smileage Rewards Program. This allows you to get $5 worth of free frozen yogurt for your birthday. This offer does not have to be used on your actual birthday, it can be used up to either 15 days before or after your birthday.

    Old Navy

    In Canada, as long as you aren’t in the Yukon, Northwest Territories, or Nunavut, you are eligible for birthday rewards from Old Navy. All you need to do is sign up for the Old Navy Newsletter and select that you would like to be eligible for the birthday rewards. There is no specific birthday gift but there are plenty of free birthday gifts you could win.


    While Nike doesn’t give you free products for your birthday, they do offer online discounts. If you are a Nike fan, then you can sign up to be a Nike Canada Member. While these online discounts do tend to have a short expiration date, they are sent via email so you will get them immediately.


    While McDonald's does not offer any free birthday offers for adults, kids are eligible for a free happy meal on their birthday as long as you are registered for the McDonald's Newsletter.


    If you book a child’s birthday party with Cineplex, then you get one free child admission. There are no free admissions for your birthday otherwise.

    How to Make Sure you are Eligible for Birthday Offers

    These are just some of the many birthday freebies and offers that are available in Canada. In order to verify that you are eligible for any birthday offers, it is important that you read the full print. Most companies nowadays require you to be registered for their awards program, but there are usually some other requirements that you need to meet as well.

    1. Due to the fact that many of the birthday coupons and offers have a time limit, valid picture ID is often required. If the offer is for a child, a birth certificate is often required.
    2. Most offers also require a purchase before the offer can be used.
    3. It is important not to skip the birthday portion when registering for the regards program. This allows the company to send the birthday offer. It is also important that the birthday you enter matches your ID.
    4. Check your spam filter to verify your birthday offers don’t end up there. This can sometimes happen with all of the other offers that companies send.

    Birthday Freebies Based on Where you Live

    We have given you an idea of many different places throughout Canada that you can get some birthday freebies. But, what about exclusives where you live. Let’s take a look.


    Along with the regular freebies you can get throughout the country, there are some exclusives as well. At Costa Vida, you can get a free dessert when you have their app downloaded. With Chicken on the Way, you can get a free snack pack on your birthday. There’s also the Cheesecake Cafe that will give you a free slice of cheesecake if you’re dining with them on your birthday.


    In Regina, there are lots of different places where you can get some birthday freebies.

    • Dessert Sweets will give you free ice cream
    • Escape Manor will give you free admission
    • Malty National offers a free beer
    • Fresh Carnival offers a free milkshake
    • Coney Island Poutine offers a free poutine

    This is on top of the traditional freebies offered throughout Canada.


    Kelowna offers some great deals for your birthday as well!

    • Norman’s Diner offers 50% off breakfast or a free slice of pie
    • Bin 4 Burger Lounge offers free dessert
    • Barcelos Flame Grilled Chicken will give you a free slice of pie
    • Kelly O’Briens will offer $20 off your purchase before 4pm and $30 after 4pm
    • Mekong will offer $12.95 offer dinner and $7.95 off of lunch
    • Memphis Blues will offer 15% off of any platter


    In London, Ontario you can get:

    • A free cookie from Qdoba
    • A free disc rental from Redbox
    • A free tower of onion rings or starter from The Works Burger
    • A Free Doritos Locos Taco from Taco Bell


    Some Toronto exclusive freebies are:

    • The Night Baker will give you a free cookie
    • iHalo Kruch will give you a free cone or cup of ice cream
    • Monga Fried Chicken offers a free Baoger
    • Congee Queen offers a free dish your birthday month with $1 minimum purchase
    • Impact Kitchen offers a free smoothie
    • Kettlemans Bagels offers a free dozen bagels with the app

    Final Thoughts

    No matter where you go, most companies will offer some sort of birthday rewards. There are also plenty of online offers available free stuff and birthday discounts. There really is nothing better than getting free food, as well as a free birthday surprise. Nothing says you have to stick to one place or one offer either. Whether you choose to go in person or stay home and shop online, there is plenty of free birthday stuff available.

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