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Canada's Safest Places to Live In

Written by Jessica Steer
In Canada, there are tons of affordable and gorgeous places that you could choose to call home. That said, there are more than just these two factors that you need to consider.
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    You should also take into consideration if they are prone to more natural disasters than others, which natural disasters they are prone to as well as how to protect yourself. You should also consider if the place is safe to live in or not. Is there a high crime rate? What type of crime? Questions like that.

    It's not just current Canadian's that are asking these questions. With the rapidly diversifying immigrant population, so many people are looking for safe places to live and build their life. Finding the information on the safest places can be difficult, but that's where Statistics Canada comes in. They have something called the Crime Severity Index which is a national index that calculates the crime rate of all of the different communities in the Country., including major metropolises It's not just violent crimes they look at either, It's all police incidents. This index can help you make an informed decision on where the safest place to live is.

    How Safe is it to Live in Canada?

    In general, Canada is one of the safest countries in the world to live in. The crime rates are relatively low compared to other countries. That said though, there is always going to be some crime. There is really no way of knowing all of the risks either. The police in Canada though are easy to reach and have a good response time. This is one of the reasons that Canada is considered to be much safer.

    When it comes to natural disasters, some areas are more susceptible than others. There are areas that are at a high flood risk, others that have an increased risk of fires as well as zones for suspected earthquakes and tsunamis. It all just depends on which part of the Country that you choose to live.

    Safest Big Cities

    When it comes to finding the safest city in Canada to live, a good majority of those cities are in eastern Canada. However, there are still quite a few that are located in other parts of Canada as well. You may be surprised to see what they are.


    Not only is Toronto one of the largest cities in Canada with a population of just under 2,800,000, they are also one of the most expensive. The median home price is around $1.3 million and rent is very high at $2,400 per month. Even with that though, it's considered to be the safest city in Canada and the safest city in Ontario. This is part of the reason they are experiencing such healthy population growth, especially since there are other major cities to choose from that are also considered to be safe cities.

    Toronto is made up of a bunch of different neighborhoods. Areas like Scarborough and North York are home to families looking for a safe place. These places are also full of good schools and parks, everything you would need in a family oriented neighborhood.

    For those who are looking for some night life, fancy restaurants, or just want to live near the universities, there are plenty of neighborhoods that are dedicated to these things too. These consist of places like Queen West, Annex and of course, Downtown Toronto. Even though these places are quite busy and are different from the more family friendly neighborhoods, they are still quite safe to live in. It's also a waterfront city, so the views are bound to be gorgeous making it the best city to live in, next to Vancouver.

    Quebec City

    Quebec City is another large city in Canada, even though it's less populated then Toronto. The population here sits closer to 730,000. It also has a low cost of living with a median home price of $483,500 and rent around $1,100 per month.

    Quebec CIty is known for having a diverse population. There are plenty of residents with a mix of age, ethnicity and culture. This makes Quebec different from other parts of Canada. They also are a city with a population that is considered to be well educated and, like Toronto, there are plenty of different neighborhoods to choose where to live. There are also low unemployment rates which is great for someone considering a move.

    One of the safest neighborhoods in Quebec City is Sainte-Foy-sillery-Cap-Rouge. This neighborhood has good schools, is family friendly and is generally a peaceful place to live. Then there are other neighborhoods like Montcalm which are more trendy and a hot spot for young professionals. They do include some stunning historic buildings though, on top of other amenities. No matter where you choose to live in Quebec city though, there are tons of places that are safe to live no matter what type of lifestyle that you are looking for. The province of Quebec is also home to two of the top three national parks in Canada:

    • Gaspesie National Park
    • Mont-Tremblant National Park

    Close by is also Monreal which is the cultural capital of Canada. They are full of cultural venues and full of historical and natural beauty.


    Halifax is another large city in Canada with a low crime rate. They also have a much lower population though than Quebec City and Toronto. There are only around 125,000 people living here. The median home price is comparable to Quebec City though at around $491,000. Rent is a bit higher too at $1,750 per month. While these are high compared to the rest of the province, they are actually low housing costs considering that Halifax is the capital city of Nova Scotia.

    The crime rate in Halifax is well below the Canadian average and is the safest place to live in Nova Scotia. This makes it an ideal place for people to choose to live. They also have a diverse population here with a very strong sense of community. This is found no matter which neighborhood that you choose to live in.

    Downtown Halifax and North End are popular spots for young adults in Halifax. They have a city vibe with lots of things to do. There are other areas that are more family oriented that have good schools, parks, and many other amenities. One of the most notable is the vibrant community of Clayton Park, but there are many others as well.


    If we make our way out to the other side of the country in British Columbia, the safest city to live in is Abbotsford. They have a diverse population, are close to larger cities but also have lower house prices than places like Vancouver. The median home price sits around $625,000 and the average monthly rent is about $1,500 per month.

    In Abbotsford, there are plenty of safe neighborhoods to live in. They actually have a relatively low crime rate throughout the city though. No matter where you go though they have quite a few historical buildings. There are also plenty of stores, restaurants and many other amenities that you may be looking for.

    Those who are looking for more nightlife and a busier scene tend to be found in Downtown Abbotsford as well as the Clearbrook area. Those who are looking for more of a family orientated environment tend to steer towards areas like Augston. Either way, you are just a short distance away from anything you need no matter which neighborhood you choose to make your home.


    Calgary is another large Canadian city that has a relatively low crime rate and it's the safest city in Alberta. This is the reason that a lot of Canadian families choose to live here. That and the fact it's a much more affordable city than many others in Canada. The median home price sits around $570,000 and rent is roughly $1,700 per month.

    Depending on what type of lifestyle you are looking for, there are plenty of safe neighborhoods for young adults as well as families. Areas like Tuscany and Cranston are popular for families because of their close proximity to parks, great schools and community centers. Areas like Kensington and Inglewood are popular for young adults due to the arts and culture. There are also lots of restaurants, live music events and other popular spots.

    Safest Small Towns

    In general, small towns are safer than big cities really just based on size and proximity. Either way there aren't a lot of small towns whose violent crime rate is much higher than the rest. The risk is generally the same no matter where you are. That said, the smaller towns that are close to low crime rate cities are generally the safest. Here are just a few of the best small towns that you can live in.


    Niagara–on-the-lake is located in Ontario, just off the shores of Lake Ontario. It's a popular tourist attraction because of its proximity to Niagara Falls, but it has some amazing features of its own. They have award winning wineries and restaurants. They are also well connected to the transportation system and have lots of bike rental shops. This means, there are plenty of ways to get around without a vehicle.

    When it comes to safety in Niagara on the Lake, the crime rate has slightly gone up compared to previous years. That said, it still sits well below the national average and considered to be a very safe place to visit as well as live.

    Oak Bay

    Oak Bay is Canada's second least dangerous community. It's located on Vancouver Island in British Columbia, near Victoria. It's essentially a small town full of arts and culture. They have tons of cool cafes and restaurants, outdoor activities like paddleboarding and kayaking, as well as golf courses. There are plenty of things to do in Oak Bay. Whether you prefer outdoor activities or just to relax and take in the atmosphere, they have it all. The fact that it's also remote makes it the most peaceful place to live in Canada.

    Thames Centre

    Thames Centre is located in Middlesex County Ontario. It's located east of London. It's technically part of the London census metropolitan areas. It's formed of many communities including:

    • Avon
    • Belton
    • Cherry Grove
    • Crampton
    • Cobble Hill
    • Derwent
    • Devizes
    • Dorchester
    • Evelyn
    • Fanshawe Lake
    • Friendly Corners
    • Gladstone
    • Harrietsville
    • Kelly Station
    • Mossley
    • Nilestown
    • Olivercrime
    • Putnam
    • Salmonville
    • Silvermoon
    • Thorndale
    • Three Bridges
    • Welburn

    You may notice below that the CSI is higher than that of OakBay, but that is because Oak Bay is much smaller and the CSI is based on size. While technically Thames Centre isn't a small town, it's made up of multiple small towns that all have low crime rates. For that reason and many more, these small towns are some of the best places in Canada to raise a family.

    Place With the Lowest Crime Rate

    When we are looking at the safest places in Canada, you may be wondering how we figure this out. Well, have you ever heard of the Crime Severity Index (CSI)? Essentially this tracks the police reported incidents in the area to give you an idea of the crime rates and violent crime rates. Let's take a look at the places with low Crime Severity Index scores that we mentioned above.

    Place Crime Severity Index (CSI)
    Toronto 56.7
    Quebec City 48.6
    Halifax 67.4
    Abbotsford 72.6
    Calgary 74.4
    Niagara-on-the-Lake 62.1
    Thames Centre 41.7
    Oak Bay 29

    Now that you have seen what the CSI's are in some of the safest places to live in Canada, how exactly are these calculated? Well, it's pretty simple actually. It starts with the number of police incidents that were reported. Then the number of police reported incidents for each offence is multiplied by the weight for that particular offence. So each one is multiplied by a different number.

    Once those numbers have been calculated, they are then added together. This added number will then be divided by the corresponding population total. The number you get here then results in the Crime Severity Index score for that community. This is then done for every community. Here are a few other communities that are safe to live in but we didn't list them.

    Places CSI
    Guelph, Ontario (Also referred to as the Royal City) 58.2
    Wellington County, Ontario ( Located in Southern Ontario in the Greater Golden Horseshoe 28.4
    Aurora, Ontario (Located in the Central York Region) 39.5
    Paris, Ontario (Located in Southwestern Ontario) 61.37

    Most Dangerous Cities

    While we have mentioned that Canada is one of the safest countries in the world, there are some places that are more dangerous than others. Scattered throughout the provinces are some of the most dangerous places to live in the country.

    Places CSI
    Surrey British Columbia 64.58
    Lethbridge, Alberta 63.89
    Red Deer, Alberta 61.75
    Kelowna, British Columbia 61.56
    Sudbury, Ontario 60.10

    Safest Places from Natural Disasters

    When it comes to natural disasters, they can happen to anyone at any time. Where that's at the most risk really just depends on the type of natural disaster.

    1. Earthquakes: With earthquakes, they can really happen anywhere. That said, the least likely places to experience earthquakes in Canada are in Saskatchewan and Manitoba.
    2. Floods: Floods are actually the most common natural disaster in Canada. They can happen pretty much anywhere in the province at any time. The two most significant causes of the flooding are ice melt and heavy rainfall.
    3. Wildfires: Wildfires in Canada can happen really in any forest or grassland region. That said, the three most common provinces to experience wildfires are British Columbia, Saskatchewan and Alberta.
    4. Tornadoes: While tornadoes are rare in Canada, they do happen. The least likely places to experience tornadoes are British Columbia, the Maritimes, Northern Canada and places that lie in the northern shadow of the Great Lakes.
    5. Tsunamis: In general, anywhere that isn't in a coast region is least likely to ever experience a tsunami. The most likely place to experience a tsunami is the coast of British Columbia.
    6. Blizzards: In Canada, the most common places to experience blizzards are in the Prairies, the eastern Arctic and in eastern Ontario. Other cities and provinces in Canada don't experience these as much, if ever.

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