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How to get Baby Freebies in Canada

Written by Jessica Steer
When people think of freebies and coupons, they tend to think of the US, where the coupon rules aren't quite as strict as they are in Canada. Even though that's the case, in Canada, we still have plenty of options.
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    Did you know that there are plenty of freebies out there for baby stuff in Canada? It's true, and there's actually plenty of options out there. Expecting a baby can be a wonderful but overwhelming experience. There are so many things you need, and the costs can add up really quickly. Well, that's where these freebies kick in. Let's take a look at what's available in Canada and what some of the best baby freebies are.

    Free Samples

    Looking for the best product for your child can be expensive. There are a lot of products to choose from, and your first attempt to find the right product may only sometimes be the best fit. This is when finding free baby samples in Canada can come in handy. Some brands will allow you to register online for a free sample, and they'll mail it to you. Plus, if you're happy with the product, some of the brands will include a coupon with the sample so you can enjoy some savings with your purchase. Here are some brands that will supply you with a free sample as well as a look at some of the best free baby stuff.


    With Huggies, you can register on their website and receive a free sample. You can also sign up online for No Baby Unhugged. By showing your support, you'll receive free Huggies newborn diapers and baby wipes. If your baby is older than four weeks old, you'll receive coupons instead. There's also a limit of 1 item per household.


    Throughout the year, Pampers will offer free baby samples or free coupons. The coupon is for $10 and can be used on a pack of newborn diapers. Along with this, you can also register for the Pampers Club. You can earn rewards and discounts on your everyday purchases as well as receive coupons and discounts on other baby products that are partnered with Pampers.


    A great way to receive free formula samples and coupons is by joining the Similac Baby Club. When you register, you can receive free baby samples and coupons up to $200 in value. Exactly what you receive will depend on what your baby's due date is and where you're located.


    Enfamil Family Beginnings is another awesome program you can register for to receive some great savings. When you sign up,you can receive up to $400 in savings and exclusive rewards. A few of the things you can get with this program are:

    • Formula samples
    • Cashback rebates on purchases
    • The chance to win free formula for a year
    • Access to ask a nurse 24/7
    • Discount checks
    • Belly badges
    • Weekly tips
    • Special offers from partnered companies

    They also have other programs and support groups you can register for through their website. Within these groups, you can earn coupons for specialty Enfamil products your baby may need, such as formula for babies who are premature or have a cow's milk allergy. There are also coupons for Enfamils toddler nutrition drinks.


    Another way to receive some great benefits is through the Nestle Baby Club. With this program, you can get special membership savings, coupons and samples, as well as access to helpful resources and nutritional guidance information.

    After you register, you'll receive a free welcome kit at around 35 weeks. This will contain samples and coupons to help you get started on your new journey. It's not only Nestle products included in this package either; there are a lot of products from Nestle partners as well.


    Aveeno doesn't offer a free sample on their website, but some Aveeno baby samples are included in some of the great baby boxes that you could receive. That said, if you register on their website, you can receive a $3 coupon as well as other coupons when they become available.

    Baby Boxes

    Along with some of the amazing free samples and coupons you can receive, there are free baby boxes that include a lot of free baby products you could use. There are also usually some exclusive bonuses as well.

    Family One

    Family One, which was formerly Baby Box Canada, works with different brands to give away tons of products every year. Also, significant prizes are won every month, many of these including free baby items. All you have to do to benefit from the program is sign up. Plus, as a new member, you could win a bunch of new, free baby items.

    Johnson & Johnson

    A great way to find new products for your baby is with some free baby samples. Ordering through many different companies can be time-consuming. One way to avoid that is with the bundle box. Every month a different box is available with all sorts of different products in it. Some of the brands they include are:

    • Aveeno
    • Band-Aid
    • Children Benadryl
    • Desitin
    • Johnsons
    • Motrin
    • Tylenol
    • Vivvi & Bloom
    • Children's Zyrtec
    • Mylicon
    • Zarbees

    You also have the opportunity, before ordering, to add some useful extras to your box.

    London Drugs Welcome Package

    Another way to try some new baby products is with the London Drugs Baby Welcome Package. All you need to do is sign up online, and you'll receive instructions on how to receive your own free welcome package. It'll include samples, coupons, as well as some special offers. Keep in mind, though, that they're first come, first serve.

    Other Baby Freebies

    Even though the offers above may seem like a lot, there are plenty more where those came from. There are more websites as well as grocery stores that will offer your other free baby samples or discounts on products for your new baby, and some of these offers are even available during pregnancy.

    Thrifty Foods

    With Thrifty Foods, you can register for the Baby Be Healthy program. With this, you can receive free prenatal vitamins throughout your pregnancy and while you're nursing. Also, you can receive a free birthday cake on your baby's first birthday when you present the child's birth certificate.


    Sobeys Pharmacy also has a Baby Be Healthy Program. It includes:

    • Prenatal vitamins
    • Current prescription
    • Advice
    • Nutrition
    • Ongoing support

    The best part about it is that it's all free. In order to register, all you need to do is go to your local Sobeys pharmacy. This is a great way to keep up with your prenatal and postnatal nutrition at no cost.

    Best Buy

    A great way to test out new products is with the Baby Samplers Club through Best Buy. All you have to do is join, and you could be chosen to test out some new baby products. New members are selected every month, and all you need to do is write a review on the product. As a bonus, you get to keep the product after.

    Mamababy MAM Club

    The MAM Club, through Mamababy, is another site you can join to get some free items. It's super easy to join; all you need to do is register online. Once you're registered, then you're eligible to be a product tester, receive newsletters and be entered into giveaways.

    As a MAM club product tester, you can be one of the first to receive and use Mamababy products. Once you've used the product, just leave a review. The newsletter will also give you a glimpse into new products as well as offer tips and advice. With all of the fun competitions you can compete in as a MAM club member, there are plenty of chances for you to win some fantastic prizes.


    If you're an Amazon Prime member, then another way to get some free stuff is by creating an Amazon baby registry. In order to qualify for this free gift, there are some qualifications you must meet.

    1. Be an Amazon Prime member.
    2. Have at least 25 items on your registry.
    3. Spend at least $25 on products from your registry.

    Once those things have been done, then you can qualify for the welcome gift. It's pretty easy to redeem as well. It'll take 1 or 2 days for the system to register the steps have been completed (once the $25 item has been shipped). Once it has, you can then add an item from the registry to your cart. Once you go to checkout and it prompts you for the promotional code, enter the code WELCOMEBABY. On the review of your order page, you should see the change in price. The only stipulation that's given on the item that qualifies for this welcome offer is that it must be an item that's sold by


    Creating a baby registry with BabysRUs can lead to some pretty amazing perks. Once you've added 25 items and registered for emails, you receive a $25 coupon. You'll also receive a “Baby Swag Bag” with exclusive offers, samples and coupons. If you're an RClub member, you'll get a %15 discount off everything else on your registry (10% if you're not).

    With BabysRUs, the returns are easy, and you have 90 days. They also offer helpful advice when you need it. Their website is simple to navigate and create a registry. You can also easily search other registries in order to get items for your friends and family.


    Baby Enroute is another registry that will offer you freebies. Once you've added 15 or more items to your registry, you'll receive a free goody bag full of some great local products and offers. If you're expecting twins and adding double to your registry, you'll get 10% off when you purchase double of the same items. The colours can be different, but the item must be the same.


    Cetaphil offers frequent offers to parents throughout the year. All you have to do is register for the Baby Parents Club. Once you're registered, you'll receive a $5 coupon as well as be updated on any offers in the future.

    Family Rated

    Family Rated is a review site that's done by its members to help others find their best-fit products. It's easy to register online and look up or place reviews on your favourite baby brands. A bonus is you can receive free samples and items for placing your honest reviews.

    The Honest Company

    The Honest Company has offered a free trial in the past. Now, however, they offer a $20 coupon on your first purchase of the diaper and wipes bundle. If you decide that you like your products, you can register for a subscription in order to save a little extra money.

    With an Honest Company subscription, you get:

    • 20% off every purchase
    • 10% off add ons
    • First choice of new prints
    • Freebies

    It's important to keep in mind that The Honest Company is an American company, so there will likely be shipping charges.

    Hello Bello

    Hello Bello is another company that offers the occasional freebie promotion. That said, while they aren't always available, you can save money by subscribing to their subscription service. The first time you register, you can receive up to 20% off. Remember, though, that while you can order in Canada, all prices are in USD.

    Your Baby Club

    While Your Baby Club has no offers of their own, they do showcase all of the baby freebies, offers and discounts. It's a great way to find all of the discounts that you need in one place. All you need to do is register, and from there, you'll receive updates.


    Another place you may expect that offers baby registries is something other than Walmart. Their registry is relatively new, as it only started in 2021. That said, when you create a registry with Walmart and make a baby purchase, you're then eligible to receive the free Walmart baby box. This includes over $40 worth of free samples in order to help you figure out the products best suited to you and your baby.

    Parent Life Network

    The Parent Life Network is a great site for new parents. It's got giveaways, forums, guides and articles. All these sources are there to help you. With these giveaways, you can win anything from baby bottles to free diaper bags and so much more.


    At Chapters/Indigo, you're able to create a registry for your child that includes books, clothes, and other things they may need. You may have heard that you get a free baby book with a registry, but sadly, that program has ended.

    As of October 1, 2022, the registry program was started to be redone so the free baby book promotion ended. That said, since it's being revamped, some new programs will start sometime in 2023. That doesn't mean you can't create a registry, though. That process is still available to anyone, and there are just no perks added anymore.

    Are These Offers Legitimate

    While some of these offers may seem too good to be true, they're actually legitimate. Plus, these are only some of the offers available out there. That said, there are some great offers to take advantage of. It can be difficult to know what products are the best fit for your child without testing them out first. These programs allow you to do that and decide which product is the best. You can also upload reviews of these products so others can benefit from them as well.

    Like many others, these offers are limited to one per household. Companies offer and promote them in order to get more customers to use their products. It's in their best interest to offer discounts and freebies so more people can become aware of and use their products.

    Are There Coupons for Baby Products in Canada?

    Another incentive companies use to influence purchasing their products is coupons. Not only are these available for groceries, but they are also available for baby products. With many of the freebie and sample packs, you'll receive free product coupons or discount coupons in the mail. Others can be found on your favourite coupon site or in-store. Either way, plenty of different coupons are available to help you cut the cost.

    When it comes to coupons, don't forget you can still get coupons for baby food and diapers through your grocery store. In your sample boxes you may even receive some free baby food samples and offers.

    Government Baby Box Canada

    You may not know this, but the government of Canada actually gives you a baby box full of goodies. It's actually a Finnish program that has been adopted by different countries over the years. Eligible Canadian parents can receive this baby box, which is really just a cardboard box designed for an infant to sleep in. The items included in the box are:

    • Mattress
    • Fitted sheet
    • Diapers
    • Blankets
    • Baby care products
    • Educational materials

    If you're looking for this program where you live, it's called the Baby Box Initiative. The idea is to educate parents on safe sleep practices while providing the essentials the child will need at the beginning of their life.

    While this is a national program, it's implemented regionally. This means the availability of the baby box and where you can receive it is based on where you live. In order to find out where you can get one or if you're eligible, you can contact your local government or health authority. They will be able to answer any questions that you may have.

    Through the Government of Canada you can also get your personal baby development calendar. This is available through the Public Health Agency of Canada.


    Having a child can be expensive. You have to consider everything you're going to need for that child, as well as for yourself during pregnancy. There's also going to be costs that you don't expect. That said, at the very least, you're going to need diapers, clothing, strollers, car seats, baby oil, diaper rash cream and so much more. There's also baby formula, baby food, and so much more to consider. Many of these costs are upfront or can cost a lot of money over time. Either way, the money has to come from somewhere.

    A great way to cut some of these costs on baby stuff is by receiving free products. Not only can these help reduce costs, but they also allow you to try baby supplies before you buy. You don't have to buy multiple products to figure out which is the best fit. These freebies allow you to figure out your options without having to make unnecessary purchases and waste products. As a bonus, you usually receive some discounts and free baby stuff along with your samples.

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