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Manitoba EIA Payment Dates

Written by Jessica Steer
Reviewed by Emily Gardner
Manitoba EIA, also known as the Manitoba Employment and Income Assistance program, provides income assistance to Manitoba residents who have no other means of income to support themselves and their families. They also offer other benefits to help those who are able to work gain employment.
Table of Contents

    In order to start receiving EIA in Manitoba, you do need to qualify. Let’s take a look at how to apply and when you can receive your payments if you’re approved. 

    Eligibility for Manitoba Employment and Income Assistance

    If you’re looking to receive payments from the Manitoba EIA program, you need to meet some eligibility criteria. That said, the general requirement in order to get approved for EIA benefits is that the total cost of your or your family's basic needs and shelter is more than your total financial resources, which includes both monthly income and assets. 

    General Assistance

    The eligibility criteria include:

    • Living in Manitoba
    • Being between the ages of 18 and 65
    • Being in financial need
    • Not having a disability and are a single person without dependants, couple without dependants, or a two-parent family

    Single Parents

    This benefit is for those who have no spouse or aren't in a common-law partnership. They must also:

    • Be a Manitoba resident
    • Be at least 18 years old
    • Be 7 to 9 months pregnant or have custody of one or more dependent children
    • Meet the financial and income requirements
    • Be unmarried, divorced, widowed, separated or have a partner in prison

    Persons With Disabilities

    If you're a person with disabilities, you can get partial coverage for your medical expenses. In order to qualify, though, you must be:

    • A Manitoba resident
    • Be at least 18
    • Have financial needs
    • Have a medical or physical impairment that will last at least 90 days and make it hard to earn money.

    Financial Assets and Income

    When your eligibility is assessed, certain forms of income and financial assets aren’t included as part of your income and assets. These include:

    • Tax credit refunds
    • Canada Child Benefit payments
    • Manitoba Prenatal Benefit Program benefits
    • Foster home maintenance payments
    • Occasional gifts (up to $100 per person)
    • Part of the rent paid to you
    • Part of the money earned from working
    • Earnings of children who’re in school
    • Children’s trust funds (up to $40,000)
    • Your primary residence, vehicle or other essential property
    • Registered Education Savings Plans
    • Cash up to $4,000 per person or $16,000 per family
    • Approved individual Development accounts

    Income amounts that count include child or spousal support payments, allowances, pensions, insurance payments, employment incomes, inheritances, sponsorship payments, interest, dividends, or windfalls. 

    EIA Payment Frequency and Dates

    EIA in Manitoba is a monthly payment. The amount you receive is based on how much you earn and how many are in your family. Here are the dates you should receive EIA payments in your bank account for 2024:

    • January 29
    • February 27
    • March 27
    • April 26
    • May 29
    • June 26
    • July 29
    • August 28
    • September 26
    • October 29
    • November 27
    • December 27

    How to Apply

    Applying for the Manitoba EIA is actually a pretty simple process. In order to do so, you can either call their toll-free number and book an appointment or go into the office. If you live in Winnipeg, you can go to the 111 Rorie Street office. If you live outside of Winnipeg, you can go to your local Regional Social Services office. 

    From there, you will get an EIA intake appointment. In that appointment, you will be asked by EIA staff about your family situation, your housing, your income, your assets, your education, if you have any medical problems and if you have any legal problems. The EIA Intake checklist and information sheet will help you to make sure you have everything you need for your appointment. 

    After you’ve completed the process, it won’t take long to receive a decision. That said, if your EIA application is rejected, then you can appeal the decision to the Social Services Appeal Board within 30 days. 

    EIA Payment Amounts

    The amounts that you receive from EIA are based on your situation and the type of EIA you’re approved for. That said, the amounts vary from $923 to $3,826 per month with your provincial and federal benefits combined. 

    Number of ChildrenAmounts for Non-Disabled Single ParentsDisabled Adult (1)Disabled Adult (2)
    1 between 12 and 17$1,363$1,517$1,737
    1 between 7 and 11$1,325$1,477$1,698
    1 between 0 and 6$1,312$1,445$1,665
    2 between 12 and 17$1,536$1,699$1,909
    2 between  7 and 11$1,461$1,620$1,829
    2 between 0 and 6$1,423$1,555$1,765
    1 12-17 and 1 7-11$1,498$1,660$1,869
    1 7-11 and 1 0-6$1,448$1,588$1,797
    1 12-17 and 1 0-6$1,485$1,627$1,837
    3 between 12 and 17$1,699$1,871$2,335
    3 between 7 and 11$1,585$1,751$2,215
    3 between 0 and 6$1,522$1,655$2,119
    2 12-17 and 1 7-11$1,661$1,831$2,295
    2 12-17 and 1 0-6$1,648$1,799$2,263
    2 7-11 and 1 0-6$1,572$1,719$2,183
    1 12-17 and 2 7-11$1,623$1,791$2,255
    1 12-17 and 2 0-6$1,585$1,727$2,191
    1 7-11 and 2 0-6$1,547$1,687$2,151
    1 12-17, 1 7-11, 1 0-6$1,610$1,759$2,223

    55 Plus Benefit

    If you’re over 55 in Manitoba, you can qualify for the 55-plus benefit through the Manitoba EIA program. This benefit is for low-income seniors and offers quarterly payments to those who need it. These benefit amounts are $161.80 quarterly for single people and $173.90 per person who’s married or common-law. 

    Final Thoughts

    The Manitoba Employment and Income Assistance program is available to those who live in Manitoba and demonstrate a need for financial assistance. The amount you’re available to receive from this program is based on which benefits you qualify for. They offer funds for rent assistance, to cover basic needs, to gain employment and to cover health care costs. 

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