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Cheapest Travel Destinations from Canada in 2023

Written by Jessica Steer
Traveling can be very expensive, but it doesn't have to be. There are plenty of affordable destinations out there, it just depends where you are going. In Canada, with how many airlines and travel websites there are, the competition is fierce. Because of that, getting an affordable vacation may be easier than you think.
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    These companies offer their best prices in order to get your business. With this in mind, let's take a look at some of the cheapest places that you can travel from Canada this year.

    Countries that are the Cheapest to Visit in 2023

    Here in Canada, we just live in one of the many beautiful countries throughout the world. There are so many more out there to explore. While some of them can cost a fortune, others have affordable prices, especially if you are a budget traveler. All of these countries below are considered budget destinations because, even though they do have expensive hotels and amenities, they also have budget hotels and vacation packages at budget prices.

    Country Flights Starting at Hotels Starting at
    Bahamas $540 $91 per night
    Mexico $420 $16 per night
    Cuba $690 $14 per night
    Panama $950 $18 per night
    Guatemala $750 $14 per night
    France $811 $55 per night
    Philippines $700 $40 per night
    Scotland $1,100 $200 per night
    Brazil $900 $28 per night
    Croatia $700 $50 per night
    Costa Rica $700 $41 per night


    The fact that theBahamas is in the Caribbean should, alone, be enough to convince you to travel here. The fact that it's a cheap country to travel to is another bonus. It's made of 16 different islands and covers 100,000 square miles of some of the clearest oceans in the world. They have white sandy beaches, all inclusive hotels, and plenty of culture to explore. Don't forget sightseeing and outdoor activities either . You could easily just spend your time relaxing and enjoying your vacation.


    Mexico is another popular choice for those who travel on a budget and looking for a cheap destination. They have warm sandy stunning beaches, all inclusive resorts as well as plenty of activities available to tourists. There are plenty of places throughout Mexico that you can go, but their are also a few really popular places including:

    • Mexico City
    • Cancun
    • Cabo San Lucas


    If traveling to Cuba on a budget is on your list, then now is the time to do it. It's a very cheap country to travel to and there are plenty of places to explore. Whether you choose to go to the Western Region, Center Region or Eastern Region, there are plenty of vacation packages and all inclusive resorts available in order to help you cut costs.


    Panama is located in Central America. It's another country full of gorgeous weather, vibrant culture and tons of sites to see. Just like the other countries that we have mentioned, Panama is another one of the cheap country travel destinations that you can travel to by purchasing a vacation package in order to save money.


    Guatemala is another county that's located in Central America. It's actually just south of Mexico. And, like Mexico, there is plenty to do here. Not only is it home to volcanoes and rainforests, it's also home to ancient Mayan sites. They have museums as well as other attractions. It's the perfect destination, especially if you are wanting to learn more about archeology and their rich history.


    The Philippines is a country in southeast Asia. It consists of 7,000 islands that are broken down into 3 different regions: Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao. Throughout the Philippines there are plenty of beautiful cities to visit as well as immerse yourself in the culture.


    Another really popular place that is located in western Europe is France. Surprisingly, it's cheaper to travel to France than you may think. When you are in France, there are also plenty of other European countries that are just short affordable train rides away.

    There's so much culture to experience all throughout Europe and with their well connected transit systems, going to France can take you much farther than you may think. You may not want to experience other countries though. In a bustling city like Paris, there is plenty to keep you occupied for days or even weeks.


    As you may already know, Scotland is part of the United Kingdom. There is so much to do and see in this country. There are castles throughout the different parts of the country, all with their own history. The culture itself is amazing to see in Scotland. That said, there are plenty of other reasons that Canadians choose to go there. One of these reasons is to attend post secondary school with one of these schools being the Aberdeen Business School.


    When you are looking for cheap travel destinations, you can't forget Brazil. You may not know this but Brazil is the largest country in South America and Latin America. Some of the popular places that Canadians visit in this country are:

    • Rio de Janeiro
    • São Paulo
    • Salvador

    It's one of the cheapest countries to travel to.There are plenty of cheap places to stay in and cheap cities to see, but the most common accommodations are all inclusive hotels. Believe it or not, these really cut down the travel costs.

    Costa Rica

    Costa Rica is another country that is located in Central America. San Jose, the capital city of Costa Rica, is a popular tourist place to visit. It's home to the Pre-Columbian Gold Museum as well as some other amazing cultural institutions.

    Out of all of Costa Rica, over a quarter of it is composed of protected jungles. In these jungles are spider monkeys. Those aren't the only things that Costa Rica is known for though, they are also known for their volcanoes, beaches and their biodiversity. Other than San Jose, the two most visited cities in Brazil are Tamarindo and Parque Nacional Manuel Antonio which is one of the Brazilian National Parks. Another popular tourist thing to do here though is hot air ballooning.


    Croatia (the Republic of Croatia) is located at the crossroads of Central Europe and Eastern Europe and is another place that's considered to be one of the cheapest places to travel to from Canada. There are 10 different tourist regions here, and they all consist of gorgeous destinations, culture, heritage and natural beauty. There is plenty to see no matter where you choose to go.

    Saving Money While Traveling

    When it comes to traveling on a budget, it's more than just finding the cheapest destinations. You also need to find cheap flights, cheap food (all inclusive hotels and street food). Oftentimes direct flights are more expensive, so if you are okay with a layover or two, that could save you hundreds. You should also check the cheapest destinations based on the time of year. Most places have a time of year where it's the cheapest to travel or there is a specific cheapest travel destination.

    Whether you choose domestic or international travel, some of the most affordable destinations have some of the most delicious street food or small restaurants. You don't need to eat at fancy restaurants all the time to experience the culture and local food scene. There is also usually low cost local transportation available as well. There are often plenty of free attractions available as well.

    Depending on where you are traveling to, some of the most incredible cities offer hostel accommodations as well as hotels. If the hotel prices are too high, hostels can be a more budget friendly option.

    It's important that wherever you travel to, that you do your research. In some countries, the safety is different than it would be in Canada. There are recommendations that you can take in order to enjoy your vacation while keeping safe. This may interfere with your budgeting so be sure to account for this before you go.

    Should You Get Travel Insurance?

    While travel insurance is an extra cost, it isn't a bad idea. If for some reason you can't make your vacation or there's a cancellation you can get your money back. It's also helpful if you hurt yourself or need to go to a hospital while traveling. It can save you a lot of money in medical and travel costs.

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