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Which Airlines Offer the Cheapest Flights from Canada in 2023?

Written by Jessica Steer
Summer is a popular time for people to take a vacation or amp up their traveling. If you are planning to travel this summer, the price of the flight is likely going to make a big difference in your overall travel plans.
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    More of your money should go to the overall trip and the experiences instead of the flight. With that said, in order to find the cheapest flight, there are plenty of low cost airlines out there that prioritize low flight prices. Be sure to do some research though because sometimes these low cost flights can end up costing you more in the end.

    Ways to Cut Costs on Flights

    When it comes to booking flights, when you fly can make the biggest difference in the cost of your plane tickets. Depending on which airline you choose, you may notice that certain days are cheaper than others for the same flight. This is because it's likely a slow travel day so the airline is trying to fill seats. The time of year also makes a large difference in the overall cost of flights. Most popular flight months often have higher flight rates than those that are slower.

    In order to help cut your costs on flights, let's take a look at what you can do to save yourself some money on your trip.

    1. Be flexible on your Dates:When you book your trip, keep flexibility in mind. If you aren't set on your departure date, you can often save yourself hundreds of dollars this way by finding the cheapest tickets.
    2. Book Vacation Packages: Instead of just booking a flight, take a look at vacation packages. Oftentimes you can get a discount by booking your flight and hotel together. These are usually set days though so flexibility is also key here.
    3. Shop Around: Don't tie yourself to one airline. Some airlines have much cheaper flights than others. The destination does make a difference as well, but there are plenty of competing airlines out there.
    4. Drive: Depending on where you are traveling to, driving your own vehicle or getting a rental car can save you a lot in travel costs. It can even add to the experience.

    Airlines With Affordable Rates

    In Canada, there are a lot of low cost airlines and airlines that offer low cost flights. It's not always just the airline that determines the rates though either. Rates depend on the destination, if it's a slow month or a slow day, and how many seats are available on that plane. Here are a few airlines that are offering low rates throughout the summer of 2023.

    Lynx Air

    Lynx Air is a popular low cost airline that offers domestic flights and international flights throughout Canada and parts of the United States. You can fly Lynx Air from multiple different airports but there are limited destinations from each airport. When booking with this airline, it's important to keep in mind that your options may be limited.

    With all that in mind though, Lynx air does have some great rates. Right now, you can fly from Calgary to Montreal for as low as $59. They also often offer sales and promo code to help you save that little bit more. You can either look through some of the flight deals that they have advertised, or you can use their search form and select the travel dates that you are looking for. You can also choose if you are looking for one way flights and book your return flight later or book round trips.

    Porter Airlines

    Porter Airlines flies from larger airports like Vancouver International Airport. They also offer both domestic and international flights meaning you can take a tropical vacation or fly within the country from province to province. You could travel from British Columbia to Toronto (Pearson Intl Airport) if you wanted.

    Like Lynx Air, Porter Airlines also offers promo codes sporadically throughout the year. You can also book flights and hotel package deals directly on their site in order to save more money. On their site, they also advertise that they are partners with Air Transat which can open your opportunities up not with just Canadian flights, but international flights as well.

    If you are looking to book Canadian flights, you can currently travel from Toronto to Vancouver for as low as $123. If you are looking to travel to Banff National Park or other parts of Alberta, flights from Toronto to Calgary currently start at just $123 as well.

    Air Canada Rouge

    Air Canada Rouge is another low cost airline offering some great flight prices this summer. You can choose between direct flights, flights with layovers, round trip flights or one way flights. You can also earn and use aeroplan points with Air Canada Rouge.

    Because Air Canada Rouge is a low cost airline that is part of a major airline, they have tons of flights to choose from as well as a wide variety of international and domestic flight destinations. You can book hotel and flight packages as well as just hotels and rental cars all from their site. Currently, you can fly round trip from Toronto to Madrid for just $985, round trip.


    Flair is a low cost airline that has their headquarters in Edmonton, Canada. They offer a wide range of flights from domestic to international travel. They advertise that their prices start at just $19.

    Best Flight Prices this Summer

    Now that we have discussed some of the lowest cost airlines this summer, let's take a look at some of the best deals.

    Airline Flight Price
    Lynx Toronto to Fredericton (one way) Starting at $98.96
    Lynx Kelowna to Calgary (one way) Starting at $34.78

    Toronto to New York (one way) Starting at $160
    Porter Ottawa to Vancouver (one way) Starting at $175
    Air Canada Rouge Toronto to London (round trip) Starting at $881
    Air Canada Rouge Vancouver to Amsterdam (round trip) Starting at $1,126
    Flair Toronto to Edmonton (one way) Starting at $48
    Flair Toronto to New York (one way) Starting at $105


    When it comes to booking flights, we are all looking for great prices. The key to booking cheap flights though is flexibility. Booking in the cheapest months of the year, on the cheapest day of the week, and the cheapest time can likely save you hundreds that you can put towards your trip. Not only that it allows you to travel to more places.

    If you are looking to find cheap flights to Canadian cities, the Canadian Rockies, Niagara Falls or even the Northwest territories, these airlines. Like most airlines, they are also available at major airports. Major cities are the most common place you are going to find these low cost airlines, but some are available in smaller cities as well. Many even allow you to travel to tropical and European countries as well as return flights to Canada.

    No matter where you choose to travel and when you choose to travel, most airlines fly anywhere. Keep in mind that with low cost airlines low, there are some that are just domestic airlines. Either way, using the search function, you can find cheap tickets to any destination you may have as long as you have an open mind and do a little research.

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