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Where to Buy Cheap Clothes in Canada

Written by Stephen Hoenig
With the cost of goods constantly increasing, saving money is a priority for many. When considering saving money, we talk about budgeting and reducing costs, but how exactly do you do that? Well, one great way to do this is by purchasing items you need that are discounted in price. This is also a good strategy to use when you’re purchasing clothes.
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    Clothes can often be very expensive. Whether you’re shopping just for yourself or your family as well, you know clothes are constantly needed year-round. Not only does it make sense to shop for great sales, but plenty of discounted clothing stores and online shops are ideal for purchasing clothing at a great price. Let’s take a look. 

    Cheapest Clothing Stores in Canada

    If you’re looking for good deals on clothes in person instead of shopping online, there are plenty of options available to you. Thrift stores are the most commonly thought of option for affordable clothing. That said, there are plenty of other cheap clothing stores. Many of these stores offer affordable brands all year round, not just during sales. 

    American Eagle Outfitters

    American Eagle is an American company that has stores all over the world. They were originally established in the US in 1977 and have since expanded. AE offers a wider range of men's and Women's clothing for all seasons. 

    While AE Outfitters does offer reasonable prices all throughout the year, they also have a rotating clearance section and frequent sales. While some of their clearance and sales may include out-of-season items, they’re often at very low prices. 

    Just because American Eagle has physical stores doesn’t mean you have to shop that way. You also have the ability to shop online. You can still get the same top-notch deals as in person. You can also save a little bit extra the first time you order by signing up for emails. They also offer a rewards system where you can earn discounts and free shipping. 

    Urban Outfitters

    Urban Outfitters is another company that’s headquartered in the US but has stores in Canada. They’ve been around since 1970 and offer a wider range of clothing for men and women. They also sell accessories and home decor. 

    With Urban Outfitters, you can either purchase products in-store or online. It’s ideal because you can purchase much more than just clothes here. They have shoes and accessories. They even sell beauty products and so much more. Plus, you can save extra by signing up to receive emails. 

    When you start online shopping with UO, finding what you’re looking for is easy. Everything is separated by style, brand and clothing categories. All sales are advertised right when you open the site, but even without the sales, the prices are still reasonable year-round. They offer more of a casual style of clothing that’s great for everyday wear. 


    Walmart has been around in the US for a while. Walmart Canada started in 1994 when they purchased the chain of Woolco Canada stores. Unlike a lot of other department stores, however, Walmart is a one-stop shop. At Walmart Supercentres, you can purchase affordable clothing and grab your groceries and just about anything else you need while you're there. 

    Walmart Canada is also available online with in-store pickup or delivery. While this service is often used for groceries, it’s available for any online clothing purchases as long as the product is in stock. Otherwise, you can order the product to be directly shipped to your mailing address. 

    In regards to clothing, Walmart Canada offers a wide range of styles for:

    • Women
    • Men
    • Children
    • Babys

    When looking for clothing online, you can sort by price, style and type of clothing. There are plenty to choose from at great low prices. You can also limit your spending by taking advantage of buying everything you need in one store, 


    Winners is also a Canadian department store, but it’s made up of different brand names at discount prices. While they do offer a wide selection of clothing options for men, women and children, they also sell things like:

    • Footwear 
    • Bedding
    • Furniture
    • Housewares
    • Jewelry 
    • Beauty products

    One of the best things about Winners is that their selection of products is always changing. Because of that, you can’t wait to buy when you find a deal. If you don’t purchase it when you see it, it likely won’t be there the next time you go. 

    The best way to describe Winners is that they’re an off-price retailer. While other stores often offer sales and clearance items, Winners keeps their prices low year round. How they’re able to do this is they have buyers that shop around for the best deals with some designer brands. They also have products manufactured for them to provide you with more unique items. It’s a great place to get items you love at affordable prices.


    Another way to buy name-brand clothing at discounted prices is by shopping at Costco. Whether you shop online or in person, Costco offers great prices on clothing for women, men and children. Their clothing selections change often, so you need to keep an eye out if you’re looking for something specific. Throughout the year, they often sell:

    • Jeans
    • Loungewear
    • Pajamas
    • T-Shirts
    • Activewear
    • Dresses and summer dresses
    • Socks

    There’s so much more as well. 


    H&M offers plenty of options for affordable clothing online and in-store. They have student discounts and if you choose to order online, all shipping is free. They offer a wide selection of men's, children’s and women's clothing options; plus, their styles change throughout the seasons. 

    Old Navy

    Old Navy is a good place to find great savings on men’s, women’s and kid’s clothing. They have select styles available all year round, and whether you shop online or in-store, they offer a huge selection of the latest trends. Plus, they have a sale section even though they already offer incredible deals on everything. If you like Atizia but don’t want to pay their prices, Old Navy is known for having similar styles. 

    If you decide to shop online instead of indoors, you can get free standard shipping when you become a rewards member. Keep an eye out for their incredible sales at the end of every season so you can get a killer wardrobe made of high-quality clothing for the whole family. 

    Buying Affordable Clothes Online

    Though many of the physical stores we mentioned also have online stores, other retailers sell their clothing online only. Because their costs are lower, they’re often able to sell their clothing for great prices. They often offer deals on your first purchase or when you sign up for rewards. You can also get free shipping on orders over a minimum limit. Here are some of the most popular options for affordable online clothing stores. 


    Boohoo isn’t a strictly Canadian website; they sell clothing for men and women internationally. That said, all of their clothing is based on the latest clothes, and they have sales and you can find cheap clothes all year long.

    Unlike other international sites, you can select the country and currency you’re using, so you don’t have to do any math regarding the cost. The site also has a clear and concise layout to make finding your favourite items easier. The only real downside is if you have to return any of the items, you will have to pay the cost of return shipping yourself. 


    Shein is a popular online clothing brand that’s taken social media by storm. People shop with them because you can buy cheap clothes online for up to 85% cheaper than other stores. They don’t just have women's clothing either. They also have men's and children's clothing. Plus, you can get free shipping if you meet the order minimum. 

    When it comes to purchasing clothing with Shein, it’s important to keep in mind that you get what you pay. Their clothes don’t tend to last as long as other brands because their quality is representative of the price. Their clothes aren’t bad, it's just important you keep this in mind when you order. 


    Not surprisingly, Amazon does offer online shopping for clothing through their marketplace. You can find a wide variety of cheap clothing options at competitive prices, with new deals showing up every day. If you have Amazon Prime, you can receive your items as soon as the next day. This is a perk because other sites can take up to a week for your packages to arrive. This is a go-to for people who want their items quickly. 


    Wish is an online shopping app that was launched in 2011. Wish is an e-commerce retailer, so things you purchase are often from different sellers. The sellers on Wish, however, are known for selling items that are either knock-off brands or lower quality. That said, there are still plenty of great deals on the site. You just need to read the details carefully before you purchase. 

    On top of the discount prices you can find at Wish, they also offer free shipping deals. Plus, they have a money-back guarantee on all purchases. If you aren’t happy with any of the items you purchase, you can just send it back and get a refund. 


    Cider is an American online clothing store that became popular on social media in 2020. However, you can have your products shipped to Canada, and the prices will show up in Canadian dollars. 

    Cider offers women’s fashion that keeps up with the latest trends at affordable prices. That said, shipping and duty aren’t included in the prices you pay. Those will need to be paid separately and can add up quite quickly. Because of this, you may want to consider ordering in bulk or avoid those fees altogether. 


    Another place where you can find the best deals on men’s and women’s clothing is with Zaful. They offer a wide range of clothing styles and accessories, including shoes, bags and swimwear. A bonus is there are free returns for all Zaful users. This is a bonus when you’re shopping online. 

    Pretty Little Thing

    Pretty Little Thing is an online site that sells Women’s clothing. Not only do they offer great fashion at low prices, but they also have sales, often offering these items at even lower prices. The downside to this clothing site is that they don’t offer exchanges, and return shipping is to be paid by the customer. 

    Where to Purchase Affordable Clothing in Each Province

    While there are different stores all throughout Canada, the ones we’ve mentioned are located nationwide. There are plenty of other options than just these, though. Plenty of small businesses offer some great quality clothing at competitive prices. If you’re looking for something more small business-focused, be sure to check out what’s available in your area.

    Where to Purchase Discounted Brand-Name Clothing

    While some of the stores we mentioned do offer discounted brand-name clothing, one of the best ways to get designer brands at low prices is by shopping at outlet malls. These outlet malls offer the same products you would find in-store, just at lower prices.  There are plenty of reasons why these products would end up in outlet malls, but either way, you’re still getting the same quality but at a lower price. You can always check out local consignment stores to find cheaper clothes as well. 

    Final Thoughts

    Shopping for new clothing can be overwhelming with all the different options out there. It can also be very costly. With all of the different options listed above for cheaper clothes, it doesn’t have to be. You can purchase some of the latest trendy clothing at affordable prices. The key is to do your research. While you still may want to purchase those expensive items, having some more affordable options can help you save money while still finding the style that works for the entire family. You can also purchase more clothes for the same amount of money.

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