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How to get $3,000 Personal Loans for Good and Bad Credit

Written by Jessica Steer
No matter what size personal loan you are looking for, your credit report and credit history are going to make a difference in what lenders you apply for the loan with as well as the interest rate that you receive. Even with a loan amount as low as $3000, you may not be able to get a loan of that size at a traditional lending institution with bad credit. However, you do have a better chance with a $3000 loan versus a $ 15,000 loan. While many people tend to focus on their credit score when it comes to applying for a loan, there are other factors that come into play as well that can really help you when it comes to getting a loan with a lower credit score.
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    Things to Consider When Looking for a $3000 Loan

    A $3000 loan isn’t an unreasonable amount of money to ask for in the loan world. That being said, it is important to know where you stand before you apply. This will affect where you apply as well as what you realistically get approved for. The few things you want to pay attention to are your:

    Depending on where you fall in these different categories will determine where you start when it comes to getting a loan. One of the reasons you want to be aware of these things before you apply is because every credit check can negatively affect your credit so you don’t want to have too many credit checks in a short period of time. Even if it falls in the time period that it only counts as one credit check, it can still be a red flag to lenders.

    Credit Rating

    When it comes to your credit score, there are different categories you could fall under.

    • Excellent credit - 800+
    • Very Good credit - 740-799
    • Good credit - 670-739
    • Fair credit - 580-669
    • Poor credit - 300-579

    Each of these categories will help you figure out if you have good or bad credit, and then you can decide where you feel would be the best place to apply for a loan. If you have good credit or higher, you are more likely to get approved at banks or credit unions, while fair credit and bad credit borrowers may have more luck with online lenders, like Spring Financial. That being said, traditional lenders have been known to approve loans with credit scores around 640, but that is where other factors come into play as well.

    In order to check your credit score before you decide to apply for a loan, there are a few different places you could go. The first is to your banking app. Most major banks will have a free credit score on there for you that is updated monthly. If that isn’t an option, you could sign up to get your free online credit score with Borrowell or Credit Karma. These scores may not be 100% accurate since they are soft credit checks, not hard ones, but they will give you a good idea of where your credit is at. Lastly, you can check directly with Equifax or Transunion. Both of these companies also offer your free credit score monthly through a soft credit check.

    Debt-to-Income Ratio

    Another important factor to consider when going through your finances and considering a loan, is your debt-to-income ratio. This measures how much you earn monthly compared to how much you spend. This may make some people panic because it is pretty easy to spend your whole paycheck every 2 weeks. Your DTI only measures certain bills such as:

    • Rent Payment
    • Mortgage Payment
    • Loan Payments
    • Minimum Credit Card Payments
    • Line of Credit Minimum Payments
    • Vehicle Loan

    Because companies know that you spend more than this, they usually like to see the total amount of these payments to be less than 40% of your monthly income. For a $3000 loan, it is possible to have a DTI of up to 50% because the loan amount is so low, the monthly payment shouldn’t be too much. Be prepared though, if you have a high interest rate and high DTI, you may not even be able to get a bad credit loan.

    Credit Utilization

    Credit utilization is a bit different from your DTI. This is because your credit utilization is based on revolving credit such as credit cards and lines of credit. These are forms of credit that have limits you can spend and pay on whenever you like. The more of the revolving credit limit that you use, the higher your credit utilization. It is recommended that you keep your credit utilization under 35% to have the best impact on your credit score as well as to demonstrate responsibility to lenders. When your credit utilization is at 100%, that’s when lenders get wary because it doesn’t show as much financial responsibility as having your credit utilization under 35%.

    For example, say you have a $5000 credit card. Even though you have a limit of $5000, having that card maxed out hurts your credit score. That being said, if you have an amount owing on your credit card statement of $1750, this will significantly help your credit score. Sometimes, paying off a large amount like that isn’t feasible so what you can do is increase your credit limit without spending any more money. If you do that then consistently pay down what is owing, that will help your credit score.

    Getting a $3000 Loan with Bad Credit

    If you are looking for a loan with bad credit, chances are you are better off going with an online lender than a traditional bank or credit union. Most online lenders specialize in bad credit loans. This is mainly because they have higher interest rates than banks so they can be more lenient with who they approve. That being said, they also look into your credit utilization, income, and DTI, not just your credit score, before giving you an approval. Even though they are giving you a higher interest rate in order to mitigate their risk, they still need to verify that you are returning the money that you borrow. While this may not be an ideal situation, an amount of around $3000 is pretty reasonable for a bad credit loan and making the payments on this loan will help your credit score and likely help to get you a loan with a lower interest rate next time.

    With most online lenders, they report all payments made monthly to the credit bureaus. These positive payments reflect well on your report and help to negate some of the negative tradelines there. While some may cost more in the short term depending on your credit score, the will help to erase the need for them in the future.

    Loans Without a Credit Check

    When it comes to no credit check loans, they are available but not really recommended. When you apply for a no credit check loan lenders automatically assume that your credit score is bad. Because they don’t actually check your credit, that means your interest rate is going to be super bad and having that loan isn’t going to help your credit at all for the future.

    It is also easy for impersonators to prey on you when you are looking for a no credit check loan. If the company is legitimate they are going to check your pay stubs and look at your deposit history. And that’s just the bare minimum.

    Another type of no credit check loan is a payday loan. Interest rates on payday loans are extremely high and they are very difficult to pay off. Getting a $3000 payday loan would be very difficult to pay off and most likely result in a payday loan cycle. Payday loans also are not reported to the credit bureaus when they have been paid, so they have no positive impact on your credit score.

    Credit Score Needed to Get a $3000 Loan

    In order to get a $3,000 loan your credit score may not need to be as high as you think. Relatively speaking, most traditional lenders would prefer you to have at least a good credit score, if not very good or excellent. While alternative lenders will lend to you with this type of credit as well, depending on other factors, they will also sometimes lend to those with fair and poor credit scores. The fact of the matter is that no lender wants to say no to you, lending you money is how they earn their income. They just need a relatively good indication that they will get their money back before they say yes. Even if your credit score is bad, if you can show a positive payment history you are more likely to get approved. The thing with bad credit personal loans are that they help you improve your credit and move towards more good credit personal loans.

    Getting a Loan Now

    Whether you have good or bad credit, getting a loan with a traditional lender often can take a few business days or longer. When you go with an alternative lender, their goal is usually to get you the money you need as fast as they can. While this may come with higher interest rates, if you only need the money for a short period of time and can pay it back, then these interest rates won’t really affect you. If you go with a payday loan, you get hit with the high interest even if you don’t have the loan for long. This is because that is how payday loans are designed, to last until payday. WIth an online lender, it is a personal loan. Most of them are open as well. This is why you can make the payments whenever you want and avoid the high interest. With most of these companies, they can e-transfer you right after approval or direct deposit which could take 1 to 3 business days.

    Getting a $3000 Loan With No Job

    It is very possible to get a personal loan with no job. You do not need employment in order to get a loan, you just need to receive income. Some forms of accepted income are:

    • WCB
    • Employment Insurance (if it is obvious you are going back to work, like seasonal EI)
    • Structured Settlements
    • Canada Child Benefit
    • Child Support (court-mandated)

    Most lenders will accept various forms of income as long as there is documentation proving them and you meet their minimum monthly income requirements. These are usually between $1200 and $1500 a month. The lender's main goal is just to confirm that they are going to receive their money back, generally though you do have to make a certain amount and qualify within your DTI to get a larger loan. Depending on how much you make per month, and how much debt you already have, you may not qualify for $3000 with just alternative income sources.

    Easiest Loan to Get With Bad Credit

    With either a good or bad credit score, the easiest kind of personal loan to get is a secured loan. This is because the lender has collateral to offset their investment. This means that if you default on the payments then they can take the collateral instead. A few examples of a secured loan would be:

    • Home Equity Loan
    • Home Equity Line of Credit
    • Car Loan
    • Car Title Loan

    These types of loans often have lower interest rates as well. This is again because of the collateral.

    $3000 Loan With Good Credit

    When it comes to 3000 unsecured personal loans, it is relatively easy to get with good credit as long as you meet the other requirements as well. You have to make enough income in order to make the monthly payments as well as not owe too much money. If you fall within the required parameters then you should be able to get a $3000 loan.

    Monthly Payments on a $3000 Loan

    Due to the fact that interest rates as well as loan terms can vary so much, the exact amount a monthly payment on a $3000 loan will be is hard to determine. But it can really range anywhere from around $50 to over $3000. Here are a few different scenarios.

    Loan Amount Loan Term Interest Rate Monthly Payment
    $3000 5 Years 15% APR $71.37
    $3000 5 Years 35% APR $106.47
    $3000 2 Years 15% APR $145.46
    $3000 2 Years 35% APR $175.56

    As you can see both the loan term and the interest rate make a difference in what the monthly payments will be. Keep in mind that the interest rates listed above are APR also known as Annual Percentage Rates. This means that the total interest per year is the percentage rate listed.

    • 15% APR is equal to 1.25% per month on the remaining balance.
    • 35% APR is equal to 2.9% per month on the remaining balance.

    Companies That will Give a $3000 Loan with Bad Credit

    As we mentioned before, you aren’t likely to get a personal loan through a traditional lender if you have bad credit. Your best bet is to go through an online company that specializes in bad credit loans. This doesn’t mean that they can’t help you if you have good credit, it just means that no matter your credit score, they can help you get the personal loan that you need. Spring Financial can help you with that.

    Getting a $3000 Loan with Spring Financial

    Sometimes, even though you can normally get through the month, surprise bills come up. There is really a list of reasons why you would need to borrow an amount like $3000, but don’t worry, it’s easier than you think. Not only does Spring Financial offer personal loans for $3000, we offer personal loans ranging anywhere from $500 to $35,000. Whether you have good or bad credit, we can help you. All of our loans are open, meaning you can pay them whenever you like with no penalty. We also report all payments to both credit bureaus which, as long as you make your payments, will reflect positively towards your credit score.

    Our loans can get to you as soon as today. Whether you need the loan for a large purchase, to pay bills, or even debt consolidation, all you need to do is apply online. This only takes a few minutes. From there, the application will be finalized and submitted for final approval. Once the final approval is received then we can send the money via e-transfer or directly deposited into your bank account. Apply online today or give us a call at 1-888-781-8439.

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