Who needs The Foundation?

The Foundation is for Canadians who need to improve their credit situation and want access to personal loans at reasonable rates. If you meet any of the following criteria, then The Foundation is right for you:

  • Have a credit score lower than 720¹
  • Find it challenging to save money on your own
  • Are not getting approved for the financing you need
  • Pay high interest rates
  • Are stuck in a pay-day cycle of debt
  • Are new to Canada
  • Are new to building credit
  • Are a student
  • Have been through a bankruptcy, consumer proposal, or credit counselling

The Foundation will give you a chance to make positive payments, improve your credit, and help prove to lenders that you can handle mainstream credit.

¹ https://newsroom.transunion.ca/consumers-show-signs-of-resilience-and-deleveraging-in-a-slow-credit-market

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